Our Journey as Maven Dental Group

“Delivering exceptional patient experiences by pursuing excellence in dentistry.”

Maven Dental Group, the culmination of significant research, together with relevant clinical advice, which acknowledges and will continually recognise the synergies between enhanced patient experiences and improved systems and capabilities, has evolved from its humble beginnings in 2008. Initially a small group of dental practices under the name of Dental Partners, in partnership with Abano Healthcare, Maven Dental Group is now a network of over 85 general dental and specialist practices operating across Australia.

Maven Dental Group practices continue to enjoy the benefits of belonging to a national branded network, which includes the support of marketing, administration and information technology, allowing clinicians and practice staff the opportunity to focus 100% on delivering the best possible care for their patients.

More recently, a select number of practices have also chosen to transition across to the Maven Dental Group brand, seeing clinicians, their practice staff and patients enjoy the benefits of a new look and feel practice designed to evoke professionalism, reassurance and pride.

Maven Dental Group represents a group of leading dentists who have come together to build a network of dedicated, engaged professionals who believe in the sharing and ongoing pursuit of knowledge in their field. This together with the support of passionate, professionally trained practice staff, allow Maven Dental Group practices to deliver the best care for their patients.

As it was under Dental Partners, Maven Dental Group practices will continue to embrace people, care and excellence as their core values.



  • Dr Greg Duguid
  • Dr Medhat Ramzy
  • Dr Jack Obaid
  • Dr Kham Le
  • Dr Jeff Brown
  • Kelly Tandler